Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    No Friends Closer Than The Ones We've Lost
    Under other circumstances, he might have found Sebastiano's words off-putting. He was the older of the two, and the one who had finished school; he shouldn't have needed protecting. At the moment, though, his head was moving a dozen directions at once, and he felt a little as though he were fighting to tread water in a troubled sea. He needed to find his son. He needed to figure out what had happened. He needed to figure out how to get these people out. He had so many things on his brain, but his own safety was not, for the moment, one of them. The younger man's words caught him by surprise, as though he'd forgotten that his own safety should have been a concern. He felt a swell of warmth in his chest as he glanced back at his friend, nodding once before turning back to the task at hand.

    They had reached the southern entrance to the greenhouse rain forest. That was the fastest way to Otavio's alchemy displays, which was, at least in theory, where Thiago was. "Through here," he said, pushing open the door and stepping into the hot room. "And hopefully I won't need protecting."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Sebastiano followed the older man into the greenhouse. "There aren't any wild beasts in here?" He asked since he hadn't really paid attention to the rain forest and so didn't know what its existence was supposed to be for. "Oh Merlin, it's nice and hot in here." He had been finding the English weather to be quite intolerable. And noticing random details seemed to be aiding him in keeping himself relatively calm.
    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    "Just birds," Otavio said, glancing up at the ceiling of the green house to ensure that it was still intact and this was, in fact, still true. Flying tigers, after all, could have gotten in from a great number of places that were not either of the two doors. The thick glass panels seemed to all be in place, however, from what he could tell. There was a bit of noise in the area--a chattering brook, a distant bit of birdsong, a slight rustling of leaves--but nothing that would have suggested alarm or panic, which seemed to imply that the chaos outside had not spilled into this sanctum. At least, not yet.

    "It's mainly to display the plants," he said as he moved quickly down the path. "The birds are just for atmosphere. Entertain the Englishmen," he said with a shrug. Otavio didn't really care for England, or Englishmen, but that probably had more to do with the circumstances surrounding his visit to the country than anything they had really done.
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Sebastiano nodded as Otavio said that there were only birds in the greenhouse. There wasn't much else for him to do but follow after the older man. The deja vu of the moment wasn't going away much to his chagrin. Listening for anything out of the ordinary, he frowned a little as he heard a sound he couldn't quite place - a sort of creaking. Figuring it was one of the birds of the greenhouse, he put it out of his mind.
    [Image: IS35u8.png]

    The creaking might have alerted him to the fact that something was wrong, if he'd been paying enough attention to hear it. As it was, he was too focused on getting through the green house and to the other end where his son was hopefully still alive and well to notice much of anything, until the sharp sound of breaking glass got his attention. He looked up at the source of the noise and realized this was a poor choice almost immediately. There was a rainbow of light glittering off the shards of glass as they fell from the ceiling, which might have been beautiful if it hadn't been so dangerous. Shielding his eyes with his forearm, Otavio tried to jump out of the way of the falling ceiling pieces. He reached out with his free hand to try and ensure that Sebastiano had noticed the danger, as well, but he realized as he lowered his eyes that the damage was much more significant than a few broken panels in the ceiling. The entire green house appeared to be coming down around them. There would be no dodging this.
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Sebastiano glanced up at the sound of glass breaking. It took a moment for his mind to register that the beautiful rainbow of light was being caused by falling shards of glass and he shielded his eyes and tried to move where it seemed they would miss him.

    He moved back from Tavi and the next few moments seemed to happen quickly though if this was a movie, this is the part where things would be going in slow motion. One moment he was standing just a few strides away from his ex-lover slash best friend and the next moment, he was in more pain than he had ever felt in his life.
    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    Otavio had managed to keep his eyes shielded as the glass fell over the two of them like a curtain, inhaling sharply as he felt it cut in to his skin in half a dozen places. He'd be a bloody mess when they emerged on the other side of this, but nothing solid had hit him, so hopefully everything he came away with would be rather superficial. He could magic away the blood and there was a fairly common herb somewhere in this greenhouse that would seal up the wounds to prevent more of it from bleeding out, though as long as the two of them could still walk, Tav would have preferred to press on and find Thiago first. He, at least, wasn't going to lose enough blood to make a significant difference in the long term.

    Sebastiano, however, seemed to be in a different situation. At first when Tavi glanced over at the place where the other man had been he saw nothing, and panicked--then noticed that he had simply moved farther away. "What's happened?" he asked quickly, moving to the other man's side. The light had changed in the area since the ceiling had come down, and his eyes were having difficulty adjusting, so for a second he could only see the outline of his old friend as he knelt next to him, and had no idea of the damage done. "Are you alright?"
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    "I don't know, maybe the world came crashing down on me?" One-half serious and another half sarcastic. It certainly felt like the world had severed him in two though his body was still very much attached together, just broken. He couldn't feel his legs -
    should he be grateful of that or should he be hoping that he felt severe pain because it meant his legs were fine? Lord, he hoped he wasn't paralyzed.

    "I can't feel my legs," he finally admitted in between pained breaths. Just then, what was probably a ridiculous priority to anyone that wasn't either an artist or Sebastiano, he tried his hands.
    Uninjured aside from a few superficial cuts, it looked like.
    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    Otavio also had a career where he worked with his hands (well, no, alchemy was a hobby; exporting was his career, though it happened more or less without any direct input from him), but his mind didn't jump immediately to where his friend's had gone. Instead, he interpreted the hand movement as an attempt to reach for him, and he took the other man's hand immediately, squeezing tightly as he shifted his attention down towards the man's legs.

    There were some wounds, but nothing (from what he could see externally) that would account for not having any feeling. That certainly wasn't a good sign, though he didn't want to tell Sebastiano that right off the bat. He bit his lip, his mind whirling, trying to figure out what he could do for him. Was there some sort of injury to his back? That would account for the lack of feeling, but that wasn't anything Otavio knew how to fix. It could also have been something with his legs, something less apparent than the bleeding gashes that he could see from here. The problem might have become obvious if he tried to move something, particularly if there was a broken bone somewhere, but if he'd hurt his back, that might be disastrous.

    "It's okay," he said, though he wasn't yet certain that it would be. "You'll be okay. I can make something to close those wounds up. It's not difficult. I can get everything from right here, in the greenhouse," he said, hoping this would comfort Sebastiano. It did nothing to address whatever the real problem was, of course, but he was still working on that.
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

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