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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    July 1st

    The worst part should have been over, by the time that Otavio appeared in his own bedroom at the Pendergast household with a sudden crack, his daughter's arm still clutched firmly in his hand. He had intervened as soon as he could have, after he'd learned about the danger his children were in. He had successfully gotten Efigenia away from the portrait, and away from the public eye. That should have been the bulk of the problem solved--but Otavio knew better. He did not have such luck, because fate had seen fit to give him Efigenia as a daughter.

    He could still remember the fits that she'd been in after they'd disposed of the portrait the first time around, and assumed that she would be in no different state after her chance encounter with her 'lost love.' He did not have the patience for this--and he did not have the time for it, besides. He had a Market to run, and today was the opening day. His absence would be conspicuous soon, if it wasn't already. He did not have time to handle his daughter's hysterics.

    It was unfair to shove her off onto her brother, but that was exactly what Otavio intended to do. He pushed his daughter towards the bed and made her sit down--a feat made easier, he assumed, by the fact that she still seemed dizzy from the unexpected side-along apparition trip--and stepped back, still holding his wand in one hand. "I'm going to get your medicine," he told her. "You're not to move."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    For the second time, her painted paramour slipped through her fingers, only this time it was definitely more literal. One moment her hands had been grasping the edges of his frame, the next she was jerked from reality and deposited somewhere else entirely. Her father had forcibly apparated her away.

    While she had overcome the 'medicine', it wasn't entirely out of her system yet. Certain areas of her brain were still fuzzy. As such, the sidelong apparation had dazed her more than it ought to have were she in command of her senses. Said senses were growing sharper by the second, however, and she recovered fast enough to round on her father before he could leave. "I won't take it!" she mouthed adamantly at her father, rising to her feet sharply and charging towards him.

    Effy narrowed her eyes, glaring furiously up at her father's face, entirely oblivious to the tears still rolling down her cheeks. Then she remembered. Tavi was Otavio, Otavio was her father, her father was Tavi. The man stood before her was, effectively, the same man she'd fallen in love with. Their behavior seemed so different from each other that had the now obvious resemblance not been there, she would have refused to believe it. The incestuousness of her feelings disgusted her, and yet it didn't instantly cure her of her attachment as one might assume or hope. Effy's expression had softened from rage and misery into confused anguish and she now looked at him as though he were something to be afraid of. Her eyes unbidden were picking out the similarities in her own father's face to those of her Tavi and it wasn't making anything any better. Why had no one told her? What did it mean that her feelings were unchanged?

    Clutching at her hair, Effy silently sank to the floor at her father's feet as a nosebleed began to add some color amongst the translucence of her tears.
    Although she wasn't making any noise when she opened her mouth, the sentiment was rather obvious, and Otavio understood her meaning clearly without needing any skill in lip reading. He stopped walking and tensed when Efigenia barrelled off the bed, thinking for a moment that she was going to try and attack him--not in any attempt to do him actual harm, but the way a toddler might flail their arms out when they were deprived of some thing they had desperately decided they wanted. Effy was like a child in so many ways, despite the fact that she was legally an adult--so young, so innocent, so foolish.

    She stopped short in front of him, which gave Otavio a front row seat, as it were, to his daughter's mounting distress. He was rather oblivious to her thought process, but it was clear that she was having some sort of breakdown, and seeing the emotion pass across her face wakened some seldom-stirred paternal instincts in his chest.

    He should have just gone and gotten Thiago, to get another potion ready. They could force it down her throat, if need be--but his daughter was obviously hurting, and he couldn't just leave her crying on his bedroom floor. A little awkwardly, Otavio sat down next to where she'd sunk on the floor, pulling out his handkerchief. "Canora," he said gently, holding the handkerchief out to her. She was a mess, but then, weren't they all, to some degree or another? "This is for the best."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Effy flinched away from her father and refused to look at him, let alone accept the offered handkerchief. His words after the term of endearment went in one ear and out the other. How was she supposed to feel about the fact she was in love with a portrait of her father? What if that realization inspired those feelings to transfer to the real 'Tavi'? What if they transferred to Thiago who bore the stronger resemblance now? Weren't those sorts of feelings beyond a person's control? How could she possibly prevent it?

    It wasn't as though she could avoid her male family members for the rest of her life.
    Otavio continued to hold out the handkerchief to his daughter for a long moment, hoping that she'd take it even after it became clear she didn't intend to. With a sigh, he lowered the handkerchief. He ought to have been able to move in and clean his daughter's bloody face off himself, if she were too distraught to manage it, and he did have the paternal impulse to do that, but with the situation being what it was and the way she'd just flinched away from something so innocuous as a piece of cotton, he didn't think that would be a good idea, ultimately.

    After considering for a moment, he reached for his wand a cast the counter-charm to his silencing spell, praying as he did so that she wouldn't just erupt into conspicuously loud sobs. They'd already gotten Miss Pendergast involved in this, it seemed, and the last thing he needed was a nosy servant bursting in to try and help when no help was wanted. Well, that wasn't entirely true--Otavio would have loved some help. He just didn't know what help he needed, and he was fairly certain that no one in this household was qualified to provide him with it.

    "Efigenia," he said gently. "I'm trying to help."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Very suddenly, her silent sobs erupted through the silence and were of such volume that they startled Effy into silence again, only this time because she wasn't trying to make any noise. She turned her tear-streaked and bloodied face reluctantly towards her father whom she eyed with distrust, although not just for him but for herself.

    "No, y-you just want t-to make me forget!" As things stood at that moment, forgetting admittedly sounded rather nice; she would much rather not be terrified of discovering misplaced sexual attraction for male family members. However, she was sick of the manipulation and the lies and being forced into forgetful docility every day. Even if she did find herself admiring her father in the wrong way, she'd detest him all the same for his betrayal.
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       Otavio Caldiera
    Otavio sighed. Yes, he did wish that his daughter would forget about the portrait and her infatuation with it, but was that really so terrible of him? She might think so, still in the thralls of young love (if one could call this unnatural attachment his daughter had formed love), but Tav knew better. She was not going to end up living happily ever after with a portrait, and while she might be content to continue thinking that was a possibility, someone in the room had to be the adult.

    "I want you to be happy, Effy," he said soothingly, but of course that was a lie. He wanted her to be married to a normal, respectable person... like he was. Otavio was certainly no stranger to youthful indiscretions that society would not have deemed appropriate, but when the time had come to think about the future, he'd buckled down and tied himself to Elinor. He wasn't happy, but that was besides the point. Responsible adults did not get to be happy, and it was delusional to pretend that this was the goal he was aiming for with his daughter when he'd missed the mark so sorely himself. "I want to see you married," he clarified.
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Effy didn't know what to say, she had hit a wall and didn't know where to go or what to do now. Her feelings for her portrait lover were unchanged but in light of her new-found knowledge, she was hesitant about what she ought to do. She fixed her father with a reproachful stare. Could he really mean what he said? If he did, surely he didn't want to keep drugging her?

    Coaxed by his words and reassured by the fact that looking at him didn't inspire inappropriate feelings, Effy abruptly launched herself at him, wrapping her arms firmly around his neck and burying her face into his shoulder to resume her sobbing.
    Otavio let out a surprised breath when Efigenia more or less tackled him, sobbing again. Had she always been this unpredictable, or was that a side effect of the potion they'd been giving her? He couldn't pretend to know. The truth of the matter was that he hadn't taken much of an interest in her since she'd been much younger. That was the way their household worked--Otavio would see all of the children, of course, but after they started at Castelobruxo the girls' lives centered much more around their mother when they were home for the summer months. After her graduation, she had been rather glued to Elinor's side as part of the debut process, and then, of course, this entire unpleasantness had started.

    If he had been more involved as a father, would there have been warning signs? Would it have been possible to prevent all of this? There was no point in wondering about it now, because the best of intentions could not turn back time. They were here, and they had all made choices which they now had to live with. It occurred to him, distantly, that Efigenia had probably gotten blood all over the shoulder of his jacket, from her nosebleed. He'd have to change before he went back to the Market.

    With a heavy, almost numb movement, Tavi reached up and rested his arm lightly on his daughter's shoulders. "It will be alright, Canora," he said, attempting to sound soothing and gentle but fearing that his tone would be a bit distant. He felt distant, as though he were watching this scene from some point in the future--instantaneous retrospection, as it were. "You must trust me."
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       Efigénia Caldiera
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    At first the embrace was nothing but a source of great comfort, like a warm blanket on a cold night. She couldn't seem to remember the last time she had buried herself in her father's arms but it felt like a very, very long time ago. It amazed even her how easily soothed she was just from the closeness, her sobs had even begun to slow and ease already.

    If nothing had changed, she might have withdrawn from him with a clearer head and more at ease with the world. However, the arrival of his arm about her shoulders abruptly dredged up her paranoia and a shiver ran through her. Without warning or invitation, her mind started inundating her with unwelcome thoughts and a hyper awareness of where each and every part of her was that was resting against him. What he had said hardly helped either.

    Effy balled her hands into loose fists and held her breath as she began to panic; this was precisely what she had feared. She wanted to detach herself from him and retreat to the other side of the room but her body had gone rigid and reluctant to be moved. It was then that a thought occurred to her. Maybe if she pretended as though her affection for Otavio in Orange had waned, she wouldn't find herself drugged again. If her mind remained free of potion interference, she could take back control of her life. Her father was probably just trying to appease her until he could get another dose of the stuff down her throat anyway. Why would he start acknowledging her feelings now when he'd trampled all over them for months?

    Effy bit her lip and tried to force the taunting thoughts about the nature of her feelings for her father to the back of her mind. "I trust you, Pai, please don't make me forget again!"
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    Otavio stiffened at his daughter's words. How much he would have liked to have done as she asked! This entire ordeal of seeing her married would be so much easier if he and Thiago did not constantly have to fight Efigenia at every turn. At the earliest stages they had been fighting her willpower, and now they were battling with it under the guise of these damn side effects. If the girl herself had been cooperating with their scheme, she might have had a prospect by now--she had, after all, had two offers of courtship during her first season. If she had showed even the slightest chance of cooperating with them originally, Otavio would have jumped at it, and the 'medicine' would never have been necessary.

    Now, though, it was too dangerous. The portrait was here, and whatever she was willing to say now, Otavio could not risk allowing his daughter full access to her mind once again while the portrait still remained in London. Perhaps if they could remove it, and she still felt the same way... but for now it was a moot point. He absolutely could not allow his daughter to leave the house without having taken her potion, when she was only a floo trip and a short walk away from Otavio in Orange.

    "Canora," he said with some degree of difficulty. "It's for the best."
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       Efigénia Caldiera
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    For the best? How could it be for the best? She could feel frustration rising up and gripping her like a clenched fist in her chest, or maybe that had more to do with her sobs of anguish. Effy abruptly pushed herself away from her father and rose quickly to feet where she staggered backwards, vision briefly clouding over from the sudden head rush.

    "It's only best for you! I hate you, I hate Thiago, and Mae, and all of you! Why don't you sell me off like a horse to the first pervert with money? I'd probably be happier with him than you traitors! What harm was I doing to you? All I wanted was to be with Tavi! At least he loves me even if you don't!" She was now very red in the face from angrily shouting, but at least her nosebleed was stopping. Or at least, it had but since she had gotten up and started shouting it had gotten a heavier.

    Finally aware that something wasn't quite right thanks to the strong metallic taste in the back of her mouth plus the moist feeling under noise, Effy wiped there with the back of her hand and grimaced as it came away red.
    Tav rose to his feet much slower than his daughter had done, momentarily shocked into sluggishness by her sudden outburst. He glanced at the door, wondering whether the walls were thin enough for anyone to hear, but her sharp accusations pulled his attention back quickly.

    "It doesn't love you," he responded harshly, in their native language. "It's a portrait, and you are a delusional, silly girl. We're trying to help you!" he insisted, shaking his head. Where had his wand gone to? He ought to silence her again, before she either switched to English and said something the rest of the house shouldn't know, or before someone noticed the loud Portuguese echoing from his bedroom and decided to investigate. "We're trying to give you a normal life. If you hadn't--if you hadn't started this whole mess, we'd all be back home in Brazil and you'd probably be very well married by now!"
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    His words stung her deeply. They also seemed so detached from her version of reality that it unsettled her. "He does love me!" she insisted, lacking some of the conviction she had had moments before. Of course Tavi loved her, she was sure he loved her, hadn't he said so? He had seemed strange when they'd been reunited earlier though, now she reflected, it hadn't exactly been the lovers reunion she would have anticipated. And there was the fact that he was a painting of her father. If Tavi was her father and her father was happy to betray her at the drop of a hat as he had done, did that mean Tavi would too?

    Who could she even trust anymore if she couldn't even trust Tavi? Tavi wasn't even who she thought he had been! Surely he knew he was a painting of her father? And why hadn't anyone else told her until Thiago had let it slip? If she wasn't still furious at her brother for what had happened at the museum, she might have thought that he was potentially trustworthy, but then wasn't he in on it with her father?

    Her bloody nose finally got the better of her as she went to speak, swallowing just beforehand, only to choke on blood instead. The choking turned to gagging and that was when her fighting spirit crashed and burned. What was the point anymore? There was nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, she felt uncomfortable around her father now anyway, and Tavi... She just didn't know.

    SEPTEMBER 4, 1887 | @Otavio Caldiera
    Otavio was about to respond just as bitterly as he had a moment ago to her protestation, but his daughter started coughing and he felt, somewhere beneath his anger and frustration, the mild stirrings of a parental impulse. He heaved a heavy sigh. Retrieving his handkerchief from where it had been discarded on the floor, he took a step closer to his daughter and put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer whether she wanted to come or not. He then used the handkerchief to wipe away the tears and blood on her face, the way a nanny might clean a messy toddler after a meal.

    "Foolish child," he said, though his tone was now devoid of irritation; a gentle chiding. "Foolish, foolish child."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Before she knew it, her father was holding her again and cleaning up her face. She was too exhausted to fight it and any strangeness she felt in the proximity was for the most part quashed by the weight of her other discomforts. Her eyes burned, her nose and throat stung, and her head was pounding.

    All Effy could do was quietly sob some more.

    JULY 1, 1887 | @Otavio Caldiera