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    Like An Aparition, You Don't Seem Real At All
    Private Thread 
    Artemisia was easing her way to the outside world. Tea parties with her closest females friends (one friend at a time so she won't overexert herself) and visits to her brother's grave - that was the extent of her social life so far. Her father was planning for her to go shopping later that month. There was only a month before she'd have to start her lessons at finishing school and they didn't want her to end up overwhelmed by it. She'd have a potions routine to keep up with, but still. It was in nobody's best interests to see her shipped off to the asylum because she'd suffered a breakdown at the finishing school's dining room.

    A trusted maid had brought her to the cemetery. She'd given Artemisia some privacy and sat at a bench a few meters from Sterling's grave. It wasn't like the cemetery was a social place. It was empty, most of the time, so she could have probably gotten away with going there on her own.

    Her quiet crying was interrupted by the arrival of a particularly noisy child. This just wouldn't do! Child or not, she had to respect the place! Artemisia turned her head its way to make it huss, but she froze when she saw who was accompanying her.


    @Charles Macmillan @Ursula Black
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    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    It seemed that his daughter didn't appreciate the incredible sacrifice of his morning that he was making for she had broken the silence with unbecoming screeches and sobs. Fortunately, Charles wasn't stupid enough to venture out of the house with his three year old daughter and no nursemaid. His trip to the cemetery to visit the child's late mother wasn't made out of respect, regret for his dead wife, or even a sense of parental duty to make sure his daughter saw what remained of her mother. No, this pilgrimage was made purely out of necessity so that if interrogated by his mother-in-law again any time soon, the nursemaid could at least confirm that he'd done something fatherly with her and what could be more family-centric than going to visit the rest of the 'family' in the graveyard?

    Had the nurse not been preoccupied looking at Nimue, she might have seen the look of gathering fury in Charles' eyes when he looked at her. This was what the woman was hired for - to keep the little fiend alive and quiet - if she couldn't do that, what good was she really?

    He looked back ahead and was going to put some much needed distance between himself and his daughter, plus nursemaid, when he found himself locking eyes with a young lady who was definitely not part of his irritating entourage. What was her deal? She looked miserable but also something else, something he wasn't so sure sat well with him. He certainly didn't want to know anymore so he made do with a quick, respectful incline of his head towards her and hoped that would be it.
    Artemisia's heart stopped. The man in front of her looked just like Sterling. If she had only seen him in passing and hadn't had the chance to look at him so persistently, she might have thought that she'd seen her dead brother. On better inspection, she could see that the man wasn't Sterling. Her brother had been slightly taller and slightly leaner. His face had been longer and softer than this man's. But the eyes... They looked to Artemisia as the same shade of gray and there was startling similarity in their shape and the area around his eyes. And she was convinced that they had the same sharp nose and the same reserved lips. Whoever this man was, he had to have some Carrow blood in him. (And that was entirely possible, for Charles was another pureblood.)

    The man gave her a nod and Artemisia's heart hurt by how similar his mannerisms were to Sterling's. Her own brother had been similarly cold and collected.

    "No!" she urged when she realized that the man was about to cut their connection of sorts. "Don't go, please! You look just like him!"
    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    Charles frowned. This was potentially the strangest interaction he'd ever had with a young lady he'd never met before which probably didn't say much, to be honest, he wasn't the most approachable gentleman when he wasn't in the mood to be and he didn't go out of his way to socialize with strange women. This one was probably fresh out of a lunatic asylum, probably as a result of sheepish parents. He ought to point her out to his bawling daughter that this girl might be her future if she didn't behave but firstly, that would be rude even if the young woman was criminally insane, and secondly, his daughter was too young and undeveloped mentally to appreciate the lesson.

    "I would hate to distract you from your grief, Miss." They were in a graveyard, after all. Merlin's beard, were all women out to make a scene in his presence today? This girl's chaperone must be as remiss as his daughter's nurse.

    AUGUST 11, 1887 | @Artemisia Carrow
    Even in her grief, Artemisia could tell that the man was uneasy with their interaction. The sensation was all too familiar. It was the same tone her brother and father would use to her when she tried to speak of Sterling.

    "Do forgive me, sir," Artemisia urged. She didn't want for him to go. Not until she knew his name, at least! If he was her only chance of 'seeing' Sterling, she wanted to be able to find him again. "You look just like my brother, Mr. Sterling Carrow. I do not suppose we are related?"
    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    Ah. Sterling Carrow. They'd been so close in age that it was inevitable that someone would point out their uncanny resemblance. He'd been mistaken for him a fair few times at Hogwarts, more than he cared to admit. It had bugged him enough that he'd resented Sterling Carrow for it, as though he had gone out of his way to look as much like him as possible. Sterling was older than him so if anyone was genetically unoriginal it was probably himself, not that Charles saw it that way.

    Now that Carrow was dead, he'd hoped not to be mistaken for him again but apparently it was not to be. So this was his sister, was it? Couldn't she tell her own brother apart from a stranger? Maybe grief had unhinged her mind although he hadn't known her prior so perhaps she had always been unhinged.

    "Yes, Carrow, I've heard that before. We're not related, not close enough for it to be of any real significance, at least." He spoke with a touch of impatience. They were probably second cousins or something to that effect but Charles wasn't going to try and recall the exact layout of his family tree in the middle of a graveyard to the sound of Nimue Macmillan's petulant wails. He glanced over his shoulder to where the nurse stood with his daughter. "Can you not pacify the child, Hodges? What am I paying you for?!" He looked back to the young woman stood before him. "Please forgive my daughter, she's trying to raise the dead, apparently."

    AUGUST 11, 1887 | @Artemisia Carrow
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    Artemisia was so impressed by the man's resemblance to her deceased brother that she didn't notice his tone. She had been incapable of seeing any wrong in her favourite brother and it appeared that this would carry on to his look-alike.

    She found herself laughing at his comment - a small, dainty laugh that she hid behind her gloved hand. He had Sterling's wit (read: asshole behaviour).

    "What is her name?" she asked conversationally. She'd forgotten her previous annoyance at the child, now that she was getting to know her father!
    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    Ugh really, he wanted to be gone but this young lady was drawing the conversation on in a manner he found as invasive as a leech stuck to his face. At least the girl seemed a little less unhinged now, but she surely had a screw loose of some sort if she was of a mind to coo over his brat of a crotchfruit. Well, he reconsidered, women do have that need to fawn over infants, she probably can't help herself even if that is no infant but a small demon sent directly from hell to vex me in her mother's stead.

    "Nimue," he said shortly, "Her name is Nimue." His daughter was less like The Lady of the Lake and more like The Selkie of the Lake with her set of lungs. At this point, he realized what he ought to say but oh did he ever not want to. It was the polite thing to do and for the sake of not earning a reputation as being rude, he relented... "And yours?" In as few syllables as physically possible so as not to draw out his suffering into a full sentence.

    AUGUST 11, 1887 | @Artemisia Carrow
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       Paul Pince
    "What a pretty name!" Artemisia lied. She didn't like the sound of Nimue, it wasn't a pretty sounding name at all! That being said, young Nimue's father was the spitting image of Artemisia's favourite brother, so he could have name hed 'Potato Sack' and Artemisia would still force herself to approve of the decision.

    "Artemisia Carrow," she replied. And he was so polite! There was no chance in hell that he didn't know her name already after she'd confessed to being Sterling Carrow's sister.

    "And your name, sir?" Artemisia continued with the name asking.
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    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    Was it a pretty name? Was it really? Charles didn't exactly have much opinion in the way of opinions on names, especially girls names, unless he knew someone already by a name and distinctly disliked it. His daughter was the only Nimue he knew of so that name was now tainted by association, had his wife perhaps chosen to name her Helena, Emma, or even Charlotte he might have found his daughter a little more tolerable in a positive association with her name. It wasn't as though she had any real personality for him to judge her on yet. However, he likely would have fought his wife on any of those names with hindsight on his side. At least Nimue wasn't the name of anyone he respected too much to have his genetically questionable offspring spoil it. Maybe Nimue would grow up and prove to be her father's daughter, maybe nature didn't always win out over nurture, maybe he'd even like her one day.

    Today was not that day.

    "Charles Macmillan. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." she offered shortly but with at least a half-assed attempt at sounding 'charming'. It seemed obvious, now that she said it, that she would be Miss Artemisia Carrow. While not close with her brother and not the most socially conscious gentleman in society, Charles didn't live under a rock. Sometimes life beneath a rock did sound appealing, however. If he wasn't mistaken, he thought this particular female specimen was promised to Claudius Lestrange, which was most convenient really as he had no desire to be poached by stray debutantes suffering from grief-related attacks of the vapors. Not that he thought Miss Carrow was trying to 'poach' him, but he was perhaps a little wary of debutantes at present when all he wanted was to enjoy his single status after his catastrophic foray into matrimony.

    Betrothed or not, Miss Carrow was very much stood before him and he very much wished she wasn't. "I hope you'll forgive me for disturbing your mourning with my surly progeny, Miss Carrow." The charm he had tried to affect before had faded some and he was hoping she'd take it as a hint that he wanted to make an abrupt getaway. Not that she seemed like a young lady who knew when to take a hint, not so far anyway.
    AUGUST 11, 1887 | @Artemisia Carrow
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    The Macmillans were an old pureblooded family. He was also widowed and that excited Artemisia.

    "I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Mr. Macmillan!" She smiled to emphasize the point. It was as if he had been sent from the heavens to replace the void Sterling had left in her heart.

    It was only a pity that she was already promised to another. Artemisia had never pitied that before because she knew that she couldn't possibly marry her brother. Charles Macmillan wasn't her brother, though.

    Oh, how foolish she was, having those thoughts about a strange man!

    "You are forgiven, Mr. Macmillan," Artemisia replied with a blush to her cheeks. She got his hint, yet she didn't want to acknowledge it so she just stood there with a small, sheepish smile.
    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    He affected a sort of smile that wasn't a smile but perhaps the expression an infant might make when vaguely troubled with gas. It was still awkward and she hadn't excused herself.

    Nimue finally shut up, he noticed. Was it her own doing or the nurse's? Did it matter in the end? Not really.

    Charles supposed he'd have to be more blunt about it if she was just going to simper at him. "Well," he began, clearing his throat and looking around the cemetery as though vaguely looking for something. "Good day, Miss Carrow. I shan't bother you any longer, hopefully my daughter won't either now that she appears to have discovered the novelty of silence." He gave a short bow and started to make his escape, not that it was much of an escape when it meant a return to his daughter.
    AUGUST 11, 1887 | @Artemisia Carrow
    "Good day, Mr. Macmillan," Artemisia replied with a small voice. "It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance." And a disappointment that their paths had to uncross!

    She watched him as he headed off to his daughter and the child's nanny until Artemisia's own chaperone suggested that they head home. That made Artemisia feel rather self-conscious and, with a blush, she agreed.

    Oh, how she hoped that she'd see Sterling's doppelganger again!
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    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3