Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Flames to Dust
    Topaz hesitated. Papa hadn't come to talk to her last night because he had some grand plan for the future that he'd revealed to her, but that seemed to be what Ruby was asking. Would it make her feel better if Topaz played along? There wasn't any way to know what was coming in the future, but wouldn't it be a comforting thought if there was? Would it be easier for Ruby to go off to Hogwarts and not worry about the future if she thought that it was all under control, even if she didn't know exactly which way things were going to go? Maybe Topaz should just say yes.

    That, and if she played along, she wouldn't have to tell Ruby what Papa had actually been doing. She was embarrassed to say that he'd come by to ask her if she was alright--both because she would then inevitably end up talking to Ruby about how she wasn't, and because that sort of attention might look, to Ruby, like favoritism. They had both been so quick to jump to that conclusion when Papa had seemed to only care what Delight thought about Miss Lovegood. If Ruby thought that Papa cared how she was handling the news of his resignation more than he cared about everyone else's thoughts, well... the conclusion was obvious.

    "Uhm," she said, still unsure how best to proceed. "Sort of."

    Topaz didn't really give her an answer.

    "Well?" Ruby urged. "What's the plan? We - You won't move to America, right?" The thought had befallen her suddenly. It wouldn't be too odd for them to move there. He was no longer the Minister and Topaz was a werewolf now... And America was supposed to be the land of new beginnings and opportunities.
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    "No," Topaz said immediately. "Of course not." Papa had never said anything about America, and what he'd said to them about it after the marriage ban had not made it sound like a place that was on his Top Ten Places To Live list. The idea of them picking up everything and leaving was ridiculous, and Ruby was just being silly. Besides, if they all moved to America, Delight and Ruby and Bash would have to stop going to Hogwarts, and the little twins would have to go to school at that American school.

    Only, she realized, Ruby hadn't asked if all of them were moving to America. She'd started to, but then she'd corrected herself. The question was 'are you moving to America?' Not the Urquarts. Topaz. Maybe Topaz and Papa, but not, it seemed, them as a group.

    Her heart split. Half of her immediately ached at the idea that her twin thought the most logical solution was for her to leave the country, for the two of them to never see each other again. The other half of her recognized with a bit of a shock that it might be the most logical solution. Topaz didn't want to go outside for fear of running in to someone who recognized her from the paper, and Papa was about to become the ex-Minister, which was a garland he likely wouldn't wear easily. If they went away, no one would have those associations with them. If they went away, maybe people would see Topaz and just think she was a normal girl.

    But then what would happen to Delight and Ruby and the boys? Would they go live with Aunt Evelyn when they weren't at Hogwarts? Come to visit in the summers in America, in a country they didn't know and would never be their home? They'd become strangers so quickly, if Topaz and Papa left. Was it worth it to trade her whole family away for a chance of getting some part of her life back again? What would her life even be if it didn't involve her family?

    And then what happened when word inevitably caught up to them, in America? Would they move again, to somewhere that no one had heard yet? Just keep moving like that, every few years, never really having a home?

    "No," Topaz said, her voice firmer now. "If we ran away, we'd have to keep running forever."

    The way Ruby saw it Topaz and Papa could move to America. It was a large country - the size of about five Great Britains, or at least that was Ruby's perception of its size. Papa was clever and skilled, he could find a job easier there, without the negative association of being an ex-Minister. (Even if some American wizards would probably still recognize his name.) Topaz could have a new start. As for the rest of the family - they could live with them in the summers. They were wizards, it'd only take a portkey to get them there. And they all lived in Hogwarts in the rest of the year, so it wouldn't make any difference. Ruby had an acquaintance in a similar position. Her Papa had a job that required travel and her Mama was dead, so she only saw him in the summers. It wouldn't make any difference if they were in America or Irvingly, when they were wizards. It wasn't like she could see Topaz on Hogsmeade weekends either unless Papa brought her to Hogsmeade. And that was unlikely to happen, in the near future at least.

    Topaz clearly didn't like the idea, though. And Ruby didn't want to make her feel as though she wanted her to leave. She'd already tried to run away twice. She didn't want to plan any ideas in her head.

    "That's a change of heart," Ruby remarked, smiling a bit. "I'm glad you won't be trying to dramatically run away again. I liked your idea much less when you tried to do so without me."
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Ruby surely hadn't meant the words as an accusation, but Topaz couldn't help but feel a little guilty about them, all the same. Her attempt to run away had been so short lived that half the household hadn't even heard about it, but Ruby would always know, and that was enough to make it matter.

    "I didn't want to run away," she said softly, hoping she could make Ruby understand the distinction. She didn't want her twin to feel as though she was only thinking of herself and trying to run off and abandon Ruby here. No, the idea of trying to make it on her own had been terrifying (and if she thought about it now, it was still terrifying), but it had been, at the time, less frightening than facing a future where the Urquart's lives kept falling apart, and it was always her fault.

    "I just... wanted things to be easier for Papa," she said, frowning at her shoes as she crossed her arms uneasily over her chest. "And for everyone. I didn't... I didn't want to leave you."

    Ruby's heart tightened.

    "I was only joking, Topaz," she urged softly. That was what she usually did, her way of coping with difficult situations. She tried to laugh about them so they wouldn't feel as terrible. "I know that you wouldn't leave us - me - willingly."
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Oh. Well, now she felt guilty and stupid. Biting her lower lip, Topaz tried to formulate a response to that, but for a long moment she couldn't think of anything to say. "I'm sorry," she said, finally. Emotion was beginning to creep into her tone, even though she had been doing so well at not crying tonight. "I just didn't want you to think..."

    She choked on the rest of the words. She wasn't crying yet, and she didn't want to start, so she took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before continuing, though when she did speak again her voice was obviously still strained. "You're all I have left," she said, voice hardly louder than a whisper.
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       Ruby Urquart

    Now she had done it! Why couldn't she be smarter and more tactful, sometimes?

    Ruby felt awful herself and she also teared up. Topaz's tears, coupled with her voice was heart-wrenching. Ruby felt responsible for bringing her to that state!

    She jumped from her bed and put her arms around her sister. "I'm here," she weakly assured.
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Topaz inhaled sharply when she felt Ruby's arms around her, but then almost immediately relaxed into her sister's embrace. She wrapped her own arms around Ruby and took deep breaths, trying to regain her composure.

    Yes, Ruby was here, but she wouldn't be tomorrow. Tomorrow, Topaz would be alone.