Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Great Pastry War of 1887

    Word Count: 204 | Tag: @Philippa Wilde | Date: August 30, 1887

    Annabelle's London outings were usually pleasant, save for the times she'd visited for the sole purpose of getting far, far away from home. She'd often bring her elder brother or twin sister along with her, but instead Annabelle was dragging one of her mother's most trusted maids along with her.

    She had no plans to engage anyone in conversation — no, she planned to quietly enter one of Diagon Alley's pastry shops and enjoy her pastry by herself — but things rarely went according to plan.

    Upon entering the desserterie, Annabelle was greeted by the sight of her sister's awful friend, Miss Philippa Wilde. She'd instinctively began to turn and leave the shop with the hopes of avoiding conflict, but the other girl's eyes met hers and she was stuck in place. She let out an unhappy huff and moved past the doorway to greet the other woman was a sickly sweet smile.

    "Miss Wilde! How lovely it is to see you!" she said, the happiness in her voice coming off as obviously fake and somewhat passive aggressive. "I do hope the season hasn't been too hard on you." She thought to omit some of the descriptors that were coming to mind — there were people around.

    Pip was a bit annoyed if she were to be entirely honest. Her birthday party had been postponed and she was beginning to wonder if she would even get to have the party that she wanted. She supposed waiting until school had resumed would be a better idea, that way there wouldn't be any students to interfere or add any maturity to her grand event. But she was annoyed because her birthday was a week past. It seemed rather absurd to wait that much longer to throw an event.

    To remedy the situation, she'd left to go to the bakery and enjoy a treat. She'd brought her own lady's maid as a chaperone and intended on making her help her to plan her party by way of writing down all of her ideas. She'd decided on the walk over that it would happen that weekend. It would surely be a grand event, even if it was short notice but she had plans. There were things that needed to be done to secure her place in the world and she was tired of putting things off.

    She had just finished explaining some decorations to her maid when she thought she saw her friend enter the bakery. However, upon further inspection, it was the street urchin twin sister version of her best friend instead. With a smirk, she listened to the girl's greeting. "I can hardly contain my excitment on seeing you," she responded, her own fake tone clearly evident, "Though I must say I'm surprised not to see you with Ari. That would have been far more exciting."

    "And my season has been splendid though I hope it hasn't been too hard on you, considering it must be quite the adjustment for you after all," she said smoothly, "After all, it is at times hard on those of us who have always been raised around society and its expectations."

    Word Count: 154 | Tag: @Philippa Wilde | Date: August 30, 1887

    She was unusually calm as she listened to Miss Wilde's comments, though she knew she was masking the fit of rage that manifesting within her. This woman was absolutely awful — she was made up of all her sister's bad traits without any good ones to accompany them! Snotty and haughty and full of herself — she was the reason Annabelle hated upper class purebloods.

    "Apparently so," she said in response to the woman's final words. "I can imagine the frustration you must be feeling — to be so confident and have no suitors waiting to whisk you away! It must be so very soul-crushing," she retorted, her brows raised as she stared down the shorter woman.

    She had no comment on her own season. She hadn't expected a man to come running for her at first sight. She was aware of her reputation despite the fact that she saw herself no more inferior because of it.

    Pip smirked but was forced to hold back the laughter she wanted to spew out at the woman. She really was a lost cause, and in Pip's opinion, would have been better off left within the slums from where she'd been found. Or whatever the case had been. Honestly, Pip hadn't paid much attention to it as she really didn't care. Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour was a disgrace and nothing more than a waste on the perfectly eligible gentleman around. Luckily, she hadn't heard of any showing any interest in her. Not that Pip blamed any of them. Who knew what she'd done while living the life of a street urchin.

    "Oh, but my dear, you are so very wrong," she said,, even if she was lying through her teeth. She may not have had a man waiting to whisk her away but she had plans and she'd be properly courted by the end of the year. "Just because it isn't written about doesn't mean it isn't there," she said simply as she folded up her napkin and slid her plate of pastry away. She focused her gaze on the girl before her, not wanting to miss the reaction that was surely to come.

    Word Count: 76 | Tag: @Philippa Wilde | Date: August 30, 1887

    Annabelle scowled at the Slytherin alumna, but she did not dare show signs of weakness; rather, she wore an unimpressed expression and shook her head.

    "If that were the case, I would have no idea why you'd hide such a thing from your best friend! Araminta tells me everything — everything about you included," she retorted with a sarcastic smile. "I doubt she could hold it in if she knew you had a beau waiting for you."

    Pip raised a brow at the girl before her and glared. She no longer cared if it was noticed that the girls weren't getting along. She had the upper hand in any talk that may start as she didn't have any sort of scandal behind her name. Not like Annabelle. Regardless, she made a mental note to speak with Araminta about what she said to her twin. She'd have to do something about it if the girl before her continued to think she knew anything about Pip's life.

    "And you think I tell her everything?" she asked, fighting the urge to scowl.
    Nolan = <3
    [Image: m0vuOq.png]

    Word Count: 54 | Tag: @Philippa Wilde | Date: August 30, 1887

    Annabelle feigned a sorry, almost taunting frown.

    "I don't know what type of friend would hide information that important from someone they claim to care for! It completely goes against a woman's nature," she explained, cocking a brow. "—That is, of course, unless you have something to hide," she challenged with a pointed glance.

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