Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Road To Hogwarts
    Open Thread 
    1st September
    As lazy and indolent as Kristoffer could be, there were too many perks to his prefect duties to neglect them entirely. Especially not on the first day of the year.

    So he had done his patrols on the train as usual, and when everyone had alighted at Hogsmeade Station, Kristoffer stood sentry on the platform with the others, sending first years off in their group to take the boats and shepherding the rest, whether from the train or the village, towards the carriages to take them up to the school.

    Kris was in a decent mood, in fact, being back. He liked having the authority he had at the school, and he'd grown another inch or two over the summer, and even lost the last of the accursed chubby-cheeked look he'd had, persistently. This year was a fresh chance to propel Slytherin to glory with either the quidditch or the house cup - or both, preferably - and Meta was a first year now, which ought to be entertaining, at the very least.

    So he had been greeting the students with whom he was friendly with gusto, and enjoying himself by glaring at those he didn't like, a sort of warning not to cross him this year - when, maybe by the crowd's doing, someone shoved into him by the shoulder.

    He clamped a hand on them to steady himself slightly. "Watch it," he said, turning his head towards them to see whether they were friend or foe.
    One downside to living in Hogsmeade was that she missed riding the train and would for the next six years. She felt slightly off put by that as the other first years would have had the change to get to know each other aboard, but at least she wasn't the only one. This year there seemed to be a fair amount of Hogsmeade resident first years, so she supposed she ought not to be too worried about. It wasn't like she didn't have friends yet. Growing up in a wizarding town, she had free reign to be friends with whomever and not have to worry about accidental magic or letting something slip out. And her friends came with her to school! If they were the same age as her at least.

    Still, she and her other two siblings still attending Hogwarts had been dropped off at the station and she hauled her trunk over to where the other students' had been left, leaving both that and her kitten in its carrier, before slipping into the crowds, her robes swishy around her. So far, she quite preferred these to the Muggle dress - far less restrictive in the chest and her movement abilities. She could far more easily run in these.

    Still, maybe she should space off around far more people that she was used as she felt herself crash into a taller figure and she felt herself turning beet red as he demanded she 'watch it'. "Apologies, sir! I seem to have been watching everything but what was in front of me!" Calla offered with an apologetic smile toward the male who looked close to Daffy's age.
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    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    He kept his hand holding steadily on her shoulder, an authoritative move and a warning to her to not run off again so fast. Not that he could call this much of an altercation, anyway. She was a tiny little thing, and he hadn’t even seen her before. (Of course, he didn’t pay attention to the younger students unless he had to, so, if she was not a first year, she may well have been at Hogwarts before and he just hadn’t noticed.)

    "Clearly," he intoned, eyeing her as she chirped up with her little saccharine excuse. Still, he couldn't be too rude, straight-off: she might be a new pureblood student, or a Slytherin-to-be. "See, that could get you in trouble," Kristoffer said instead, lightly enough. (If she wasn't a first year, she'd be thankful it was only an offhand observation, and not a threat, yet!) He offered her something of a smirk. "You might find yourself going headfirst into the lake."

    Whether that was a friendly comment or a threat remained to be seen.
    Grey blue eyes flickered towards the hand on her shoulder - far larger than her own and had he been actually determined on keeping her in his grip, she likely would have had a fair issue getting out. She was likely stronger than many of the other girls her age from working in the flower shop and lifting day after day and she might have made an impressive resistance, but she likely wouldn't fair well against the larger, older boy who already had a grip on her. However, she paid no mind to such fact and instead watched him, not all bothered by his hand - and likely not even getting the authoritative message behind it either.

    She likely would have fallen in the middle of his view. She was a half-blood, but no known muggle relative for quite some time - in fact, she didn't even know when there was a muggle in her family, not that she cared. She wasn't too sure of which house she would be in - beyond likely not Ravenclaw. Though once again, she didn't really care too much which beyond being in one!

    "It might get me in trouble but I see a lot more!" she offered, shifting her weight to stand in a more comfortable way now that she knew she couldn't dart off again to find Sloane, Madeline, Mr. Moon or one of her sisters. Watching him, she bit her lip, wondering what house he was in or if he was friends with Daffy, no she didn't think so. He didn't seem like the right type and she wasn't even sure her sister had male friends. 

    "Head first in the lake? But I have no plans of running into the giant squid or the merfolk," she tossed back, her smile warping into one of humor rather than of apology. "I cannot even swim well enough to attempt that."
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    "No, I can see why you wouldn't want that," Kris agreed, with a smirk that could be a genial one, although he was filing away the fact that she couldn't swim very well away for... future reference.

    That would be for if she really got on his bad side.

    At this point, though, she didn't seem at all perturbed by him, which Kristoffer found interesting, even though he wasn't necessarily trying to scare her. He still didn't know who she was, however - though by her keenness he could guess a few things. (Fortunately, she seemed a little too well-informed for a new mudblood.)

    "Heard a lot about Hogwarts, have you?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. "But you're a first year, yes?"
    She didn't know why in the world anyone would want a run in with the giant squid or the merfolk. They didn't seem like creatures that wanted to be unwillingly disturbed, though on that note she would love to meet them, but quite maybe a planned meeting from both sides. Being able to speak to merfolk seemed like such a novel idea. Maybe she'd learn mermish.

    No, she was peacefully oblivious to even the idea of being scared or threatened by him. Honestly she had been quite shelterd her whole life. As a middle class halfblood she had always been smack dab in the middle of the social chain of now slightly higher as their shop made sure they were well off to the point where they could even afford a minor house staff of a governess, a cook, and a maid. Though now that she was at school their governess might have to laid off unless she shifted to solely a chaperone. As for a male presence, well, she grew up in a house full of seven other females and only one male. Her father was likely a little overwhelmed.

    She nodded, "I have four sisters out of school and two in school now. You might know a few of them. Potts is my last name. They tell me a lot. Plus both my parents went to Hogwarts as well," she offered by explanation. "But yes, I am going to be a first year. I can't wait to get to the castle and be sorted! What year are you? What house?"
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    She had an annoyingly chirpy, happy sort of tone, but at least she was forthcoming with information. It was easy enough for Kristoffer to get the measure of her, though it took him a moment or two to recognise the name Potts at all.

    "Oh," he realised. "Yeah, there's one of you in Ravenclaw." Daffodil or something, wasn't it? And probably as daft as her name, although Ravenclaw wasn't the worst house one could be in, and Kristoffer didn't really know her. He shrugged carelessly. The Pottses weren't pureblood or at all notable, but they weren't a bunch of muggles, at least.

    He supposed it was only fair that he returned the information. His was not an introduction to be ashamed of, anyway. "Sixth year, Slytherin." He said, with great enunciation and a smirk, adjusting his robes so that she could see his silver badge. "Prefect, too."
    She hadn't bothered to ask his name, but he granted her it all the same, keen for it to be one that was not easily forgotten. (Who knew? He might well be Head Boy next year.) "I'm Kristoffer Lestrange."
    One thing Calla had never had issues with was trusting people - or talking. She saw no reason not to answer his questions, they weren't answers she was ashamed of or even thought she should be ashamed of. It was natural to be interested in why an incoming first-year knew so much, at least in her opinion and she didn't mind him asking who she was.

    "That would be my sister, Daffodil!" Calla confirmed with a happy nod, though the way he took while to recognize the name told her that her earlier assumption that he wasn't friends with her sister was correct. "I'm not much like her though, honestly - she is a lot smarter than me. And quieter. Ravenclaw is the one house I'm pretty sure I won't be in. As for the rest, I am not too sure."

    Just like him, Lestrange was a name she knew as well, and just as distantly. She knew they held themselves above everyone else but she also knew it wasn't fair to judge one on one's family so she had no intentions of treating him any different. "Pleasure to meet you there Mr. Lestrange. Congratulations I suppose, on being a perfect. I'm Calla Potts for it is only fair if I know your name, that you know mine."
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    He surveyed her with an appraising stare as she considered her own character, and what house she may be in. If Kristoffer were to generalise, Ravenclaws were the least objectionable of the lot - after Slytherin, of course - and the only virtue of Hufflepuffs were that they tended to better know their place, were less likely to pick fights than Gryffindors. She didn't think she'd be a Ravenclaw like her sister, though: which meant her sorting could either be very good or very bad.

    But she had congratulated him. He smirked briefly, nodding at these proffered congratulations as if they were compulsory tribute from everybody, as though he'd expected no less.

    "Mhm," Kristoffer acknowledged noncommittally, once she finished introducing herself; being on prefect duty meant he hadn't yet slipped into impoliteness, but it wasn't in his nature to pretend it was a pleasure to meet a new first year. "Well," he said instead, inclining his head as if in confidence, "you'll want anything but Gryffindor. Bunch of dunces they are."

    (Oh, if only he knew his newest sister at Hogwarts was very shortly to be in their number.)
    @Calla Potts