Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Alphonsine Maxine

    Full Name: Alphonsine Constance Maxine
    Nicknames: Allie, Belle
    Birthdate: September 28, 1868
    Current Age: 19 Years
    Occupation: Fisherman's Daughter on a Mission
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Dunkirk, France
    Hogwarts House: Unknown
    Wand: none
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Lowerclass
    Ayer Maxine, father, fisherman, b. 1837
    Rochelle Maxine, mother b. 1841, d. 1877
    - Beaumont Maxine, fisherman, brother b. 1861
    - Chesney Maxine, fisherman, brother b. 1863
    - Chauncey Maxine, fisherman, brother b. 1866, d. 1867
    - Percival Maxine, fisherman, brother, b. 1869
    - Gulliver Maxine, fishermand, brother b. 1871, d. 1871

    @Reuben Crouch's monkey, Ignatius, is currently in her possession 
    Dirty blonde hair nearly always tangle and likely coated in a layer of salt she'll likely never be able to fully wash out, she prefers to wear it down or in a simple bun - though honestly, that is all she knows how to do. Blue eyes nearly the color of the water she grew up on are set by a rounded face, skin tanned from the sun and so many freckles they nearly blend into her skin. Standing at an average 5' 1" she weighs less than she should have growing up poor and often hungry. Her dominate hand is her left and she tends to wear whatever she can find, normally of plan colors and styles.
    Born in 1868 to a fishman and his wife on the shores of France, to a not so well off family of muggles. They were fed, but only because they could fish for themselves, but anything they caught that wasn't absolutely required to feed them went straight to the markets to be sold. She didn't grow up with frilly dress or toys - rather she wore clothes fashioned roughly out of her brothers' hand-me-downs (though as she got older and had more practice, these did start to look less messy and generally nicer) and her sole toy was a doll fashioned out of corn husk and a few pieces of leftover fabric. 

    She doesn't remain the youngest for long and she soon has two younger brothers, though only one is able to make it past his first year of life. Once old enough, she starts to accompany her mother to the markets and helps to sell and prepare fish along with helping around the house.

    At this point, strange things start happening - including an incident with a levitating fish. Over time, through the process of elimination, it was figured out that Allie was the one causing the strange occurrences and her family, not being too religious were fairly unbothered as long as she didn't do anything outside the family home. It helped that her parents had gotten visitors from the local wizarding school, Beauxbatons, though she was not allowed to attend when they learned she would be unable to aford even a year's tuition - but she was never informed of this visit.

    Soon after the accidental magic appeared, a tragedy occurred in the death of her mother. Due to unstable building conditions for the lower class, building collapses weren't that uncommon and Rochelle was only one of many victims. This left the family without a mother and Allie without any sort of feminine teacher as her younger days accidental magic had distanced their neighbors. As such, nine-year-old Allie took over running the household and grew up fairly comfortable around males and with little knowledge of how she should behave around them properly.

    Life continued on the same for many years with her father and brothers gone for weeks out on the channel, though normally one brother was left with her. Come July of 1887, they have grown desperate for hands as the seas had been unyielding and for their next trip, it was all hands on deck, meaning Allie was left home alone.

    Cue Reuben Crouch. 

    Lonely for the first time in her life, when the strange British man came. He spoke little French and she spoke even less English, he thought her attractive and she him, and we'll one thing lead to another and he ended up in her bed - for about two weeks. Two weeks filled with much more alcohol and far better alcohol that she was used to. And a lot of not proper behavior. He called her Belle - she knew somewhere in her brain he likely couldn't remember her name, but she liked being called Belle. And he had a monkey she could play with and baby.

    And then he left and her family returned and things returned to normal - other than the monkey, he left his monkey which was a difficult thing to explain without telling of Ben - until she didn't bleed. Confused, she kept such to herself until her next cycle where the same thing occurred and she finally mentioned it to her father - and proceeded to get kicked out of the house and informed it meant she was pregnant and unmarried.

    With nothing else to do, and having been sailed accross the channel, she set off to Britian with nothing but a monkey and a name.
    - Speaks mostly French, slowly learning English
    - Can likely cook fish a million different ways
    - Is a horrible drunk and has little restraint while intoxicated 
    - Is now obsessed with monkeys
    - Her goal is to find Rueben and hope he marries her
    - Has no plans to actually mention to anyone she is pregnant while look for him unless it is him or his family
    naive - caring - sweet - affectionate - stubborn - generally cheerful - optimistic
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    [Image: tenor.gif]

    Out of Character

    Name: Nichole
    Age: 17
    Application Approved!

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