Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    120% Done with this Bullshit
    Word Count: 92 | Date: September 11, 1887

    Miss Lestrange was right. Werewolves overall had little reason to be left on the planet. There was nothing here for them, and all they could possibly do was ruin more lives! She supposed it was a mercy thing that caused the Ministry to leave them alive — many wouldn't agree to putting those awful beasts to death!

    "Your Papa should run for Minister," she suggested, looking up at the elder Slytherin with curious eyes. "Why doesn't he? Everyone respects him—" Or fears him, for that matter, "—and he'd get so much good done!"
    Seneca was somewhat taken aback by Miss Scrimgeour's question. She thought that her Papa was the most brilliant man on earth. He would make a great Minister. He'd make a great emperor of the entire known universe, in all honesty. That being said, he hadn't run in the previous elections and instead let Uncle Priam do so. Now, Seneca had only been a child back then, so she hadn't had a great grasp of the workings of politics. In all honesty, she still didn't do so.

    "It honours me to hear that, Miss Scrimgeour and I am sure that it would honour him too," Seneca replied diplomatically. She really didn't know what her Papa had up his sleeve, so she didn't want to encourage or discourage her friend. She also didn't want for anything to be overheard and for rumours to be spread. 'Oh, I heard Miss Lestrange say that her Papa was going to run for office!' Those things worked in a butterfly effect. They started in a Hogwarts corridor, then they reached the parlours of some students' older siblings and they ended up in the Ministry. And then her Papa could potentially be in trouble due to fake news!

    "What of your Papa?" Seneca asked in turn. "Is he considering running?"
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
    Word Count: 108 | Date: September 11, 1887

    Holly was fairly confident that her Papa would vote for Mr. Lestrange — at least if he himself didn't plan on running! Holly rarely got a look into her own Papa's brain, for Mr. Scrimgeour was a quiet, secretive man that had been even more so since the death of more than half his children!

    "I must admit that I have very little clue what my Papa's plans are. He seems happy with his current job in law enforcement; I don't know if he wants to jump into politics. You never know with him, though — he's very quiet, especially with me and my sister," she explained to her friend.
    Seneca understood Holly. Even though she was favoured by her father, he hardly confided each and every one of his secrets in her. She was, after all, only fourteen and only a daughter. Maybe her father was considering the office, but he'd hardly ask for Seneca's opinion about it. She'd find out once it happened.

    "I hope we get a good Minister this time," Seneca commented. "Most of the candidates so far are so disheartening, though." Some random man, a black man and some random woman. Roman Crouch seemed like the best choice so far. The only serious choice to Seneca.
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
    Word Count: 74 | Date: September 11, 1887

    Holly really hoped they didn't another Urquart — all he did was cause trouble for wizards and witches! All the werewolf drama and the handling of those protests. They needed someone strict and no-nonsense in attitude.

    "I wonder if my cousin will be running," she pondered aloud. "He's the head of a ministry department and always talked about wanting to be Minister one day. Cousin Stephen would make a good Minister, I think," she explained.
    Seneca didn't know who this 'Cousin Stephen' was but he had to be a wealthy pureblood. Those two characteristics were what made a good candidate in Seneca's books. Provided they weren't blood traitors.

    "Mr. Malfoy will likely run," Seneca mused. He had written a piece against Balthazar Urquart when he had still been the Minister of Magic. It had sounded like he'd like to have his position! "My Papa is friends with him, too."
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
    Word Count: 100 | Date: September 11, 1887

    "Mr. Malfoy would definitely be a good candidate," she agreed with a nod. The man had so much and he wasn't even one hundred yet! He was strong and conservative — not at all a pansy like Urquart! He would bring Britain glory.

    "I think my father would vote for his own nephew if Cousin Stephen decided to run, but Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Crouch would not at all be bad ministers. At this rate, Mr. Crouch might be my cousin within a year — my cousin, Miss Violetta Lestrange, seems to be quite close with him" she snickered.
    Seneca made a noise of acknowledgement and nodded to Holly's comment about Mr. Malfoy. She didn't really care about Mr. Scrimgeour's voting preferences and much less about Mr. Crouch's relationship to that third cousin she always forgot that existed.

    "How nice," Seneca commented. She didn't like gossip - it was for silly girls with no ambition in life beyond attending parties. Besides, she didn't know Mr. Crouch or Miss Lestrange (in spite of their shared surname), so she had no strong feelings for or against their union.

    She picked up the book she had been reading. While looking for the page she'd left off at, she gave her friend a glance that suggested that her 'session' with Seneca was over.
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!

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